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Herniated Disc

Understanding Herniated Discs

Herniated discs can cause significant pain and limit your ability to perform daily activities if left untreated. Fortunately, your chiropractor near you at Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage in Sarasota, FL, can treat herniated discs and provide lasting relief. Continue reading to learn about herniated discs and how chiropractic care can help treat them.


What Is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine has discs between each vertebra that act as cushions and shock absorbers for the spine. These discs have a tough outer layer with a jell-like nucleus. A herniated disc occurs when the outer layer cracks and the nucleus seeps through it to press on the spinal nerves.

Causes and Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Herniated discs most frequently occur due to natural aging. Your discs gradually deteriorate as you age due to wear and tear. Disc degeneration disease can also increase the speed of your discs deteriorating. Spinal misalignments often contribute to disc degeneration as well. Other frequent causes of herniated discs include car accidents, falls, and sports injuries.

Herniated disc symptoms will vary based on the position of the disc. A herniated disc in your upper back can cause arm and back pain and numbness. A herniated disc in the lower back can cause pain and numbness in the back and legs. Many people also experience tingling and weakness in affected areas.

Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Discs 

Your chiropractor near you can alleviate herniated discs through multiple techniques or therapies. They focus on identifying the underlying cause of your pain and treating the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Your chiropractor may include one or more of the following to help you achieve pain relief:

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is the first treatment chiropractors typically recommend for herniated discs. Your chiropractor will find misalignments in the spine and use gentle pressure and manipulation to correct them. Doing this can increase blood flow and the flow of nutrients to the disc, which speeds the healing process. Chiropractic adjustments also decrease inflammation and improve nervous system function while alleviating back pain.

Spinal Decompression 

Spinal decompression is another standard chiropractic treatment for herniated discs. Your chiropractor will use a specialized table to stretch your spine gently. Doing this can create negative pressure within your spine, allowing your chiropractor to restore your discs to their proper placement. Spinal decompression can alleviate disc pressure while improving your range of motion.

Physical Therapy 

Your chiropractor may include physical therapy alongside chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression to enhance your results. Physical therapy utilizes stretches and exercises to reduce pain while strengthening weak muscles surrounding the spine. Doing this can help improve mobility and prevent future injury or pain.

Get Herniated Disc Relief Today at Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage

Herniated discs can become a chronic condition that significantly impacts your day-to-day life if left untreated, so contact Sarasota Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Massage in Sarasota, FL, to get herniated disc relief today. Our chiropractic care can help you feel like yourself again, so call us and schedule a consultation at (941) 924-9892 for lasting pain relief.

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